We understand the financial constraints of running a business and appreciate you have a choice, so when it comes to pricing, we believe in 3 things:

Transparency - Our services are pay as you go with no hidden costs, onerous subscription fees or lock-in periods

Fairness - We recognise one size does not fit all, so we aim to provide you with the most flexible and appropriate solution at a competitive price

Simplicity - We want you to use our services and enjoy the benefits of using them, so why make it complicated?

As such, we have flexible pricing plans to suit all budgets and levels of usage - platform upgrades and new features are also made immediately available to all users at no cost, regardless of your pricing plan or usage.

ONLINE TRAINING - from £5 per candidate

COMPLIANCE PORTAL - from £5 per candidate

REFERENCE PORTAL - from £1 per reference

Please Note - Training, Compliance and Reference Portals can be used independently or combined

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