Innovation through collaboration

...Where necessity meets invention

With over 30 years combined healthcare recruitment experience, the directors of Health Training Online and its sister company Healthcare Audit Solutions have a sound understanding and a thorough working knowledge of the compliance process and the associated cost implications for organisations supplying temporary workers and permanent staff to the UK’s Healthcare, Social Care and Emergency Services sectors.

Why Choose Us?

Because we listen to our clients and give you what you need at a price which makes sense. And by utilising our industry knowledge and experience in conjunction with our technological know-how, we aim to add value by ensuring we provide products and services which are:

  • Innovative, Relevant and User Friendly - Streamlining the training and compliance processes by applying appropriate technology to eliminate unnecessary duplication and reduce manual inefficiencies.
  • High Quality, Cost Effective and Secure - No compromise on quality or content versus cost and security / platform integrity.
  • Flexible and Transparent - We recognise one size does not fit all: Our modular, pay as you go approach ensures users have all the necessary tools at their disposal with no chargeable system upgrades or hidden costs.
  • Collaborative - Engaged with our user community; Sharing industry information and providing innovative, solution-based product offerings, available to all.