Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I login to start my training?
A. Your employer / recruitment firm will send you an email with your login details. This will also include a unique link which you can click to login

Q. I cannot remember my login details, what should I do?
A. If you cannot find your original login email, please contact your employer / recruitment firm and ask them to resend your login details and unique link

Q. When I try to login I get the following message: 'Username/Password is not valid'. What should I do?
A. (i) Re-click your link or carefully re-enter your login details. If the problem persists, (ii) clear your temporary internet files and saved passwords for this site and try again. If you still cannot login, (iii) ask your employer / recruitment firm to reset your password and proceed from (ii) above

Q. I am logged in to my dashboard. What do I do next?
A. Click on the box which contains the name of your course and then click on Introduction; This will tell you exactly how to proceed through your course

Q. I have failed my scored test; I can see the modules I have failed but what do I do next?
A. In your dashboard, select the course, click the Retake the Course button and you can try again; Whilst you will need to begin the test from the start, you will only be required to answer the questions you have previously failed, not every question. Once you reach the end your score will be recalculated.

Q. I have achieved the required pass mark for my course but I have still failed. How is this possible?
A. This is because your employer has a set a minimum pass mark per individual module as well as an overall pass mark for the course itself

Q. I have successfully completed my course, where can I obtain a copy of my certificate from?
A. Please contact your employer / recruitment firm directly as we cannot release certificates to candidates without prior authorisation



Q. How do I sign up to access your services?
A. Send us a message or SIGN UP here and one of our representatives will be in contact to get you started

Q. Are there any minimum system requirements?
A. There is no software to download or configuration to be done at the user-end. Our SaaS products are web-based and we support all common formats and operating systems, so as long as you have a recent browser version installed, there should be no problems

Q. I'd like to add modules / combine courses / design my own training package - Can I do this?
A. Absolutely - Our modular approach means you can mix and match any content in any combination(s) to create your own bespoke training course(s)

Q. Can I create my own onboarding or application forms etc?
A. Yes - Better still, our interactive e-forms allow candidates to upload/attach any documentation required, expediting the whole onboarding process

Q. How quickly can I start using your services?
A. Depending on your requirements, set-up can take as little as 30 minutes. More complex or bespoke solutions can be turned-around within 48 hours

Q. How do I pay for your services?
A. We use a token-based system powered by Stripe, a leading secure online payments provider. Purchasing your tokens using a debit or credit card is quick, easy and seamless; Tokens are instantly credited and available to enrol candidates to training courses the moment your payment is accepted

Q. Rather than search my inbox for each individual receipt, where can I find a record of all my Stripe payments?
A. Click the Invoices & Receipts tab in your dashboard - This lists all successful electronic payments as a paid invoice which you can print/download/export

Q. I do not have access to a company debit or credit card. Do you accept any other forms of payment?
A. Whilst we try to keep our accounting processes as simple as possible, we can work on an invoiced basis subject to our terms and conditions